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Tutoren@eTeach Workshop : AR and 3D Scanning

Date of Hybrid-Workshop: 19.10.2023, 13:30-15:30 Location: Hybrides.Lernatelier @ Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Amalienstrasse 13, Room 003 / online via BigBlueButton Language: English

Educators: Sophie Foster and Leila Keivan from Lernraum.Bauhaus

Aim: to help students develop technical competencies to experimentally extend and map objects between real and virtual space and integrate them into virtual and hybrid settings. Methodology: The programme will consist of an introductory workshop with extra optional Moodle self-study tasks where students learn basic technical skills for the digital transfer of objects in AR and 3D formats. These resources can allow for further exploration, analysis, experimentation and prototyping of 3D objects within their fields of study.

Registration: Register via the online form on the website

Tutoren@eTeach: Training to support media-enriched teaching Through the eTeach Network Thuringia, we qualify students who then support educators in the further development of their media-enriched teaching: In the creation of course rooms and teaching materials, integrating digital tools, and much more.

Tutoren@eTeach offers eight online workshops of two hours each, as well as supplementary self-study rooms. The training is completed with a certificate. Registration and participation is free and possible at any time! Information via the website:

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