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AI Lunch Labs: AI Tools for Writing Assistance

Date: Thu, Jan 25, 2024, 1:00 PM

Format: Online via Big Blue Button

Instructors: Sophie Foster

Course language: English, questions can also be discussed in German.

This workshop aims to explore AI-driven writing assistance tools in the context of academic texts. AI tools that supports text creation including sentence structure, paragraph organization and overall coherence will be tested to understand how they can streamline the writing process.

This workshop is part of the "AI Lunch Labs - AI as an academic sidekick? Exploring tools together". An online series with short inputs, time to try out different AI tools together and discuss their advantages and disadvantages. How can I use AI tools to learn? Does a chatbot research better than me? How can ChatGPT and Co support me when writing and what do I have to consider when applying them to text translations? Starting from short impulses, in this online series we want to try out AI tools together, exchange experiences and discuss limitations.

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