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University : Future Festival - Tales of Tomorrow

A space of change and wonder - telling the story of the ‘hybrid learning studio’

Wednesday 5th June, 14:20 - 14:50

Speakers: Anne Brannys, Sophie Foster

For more than a year now, people have been building, programming, presenting, discussing, reflecting, dancing and exhibiting - in other words, teaching and learning - in the hybrid learning studio at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar in conjunction with other physical or virtual spaces. The thoughtfully designed learning studio forms the core of the ‘Bauhaus Learning Space’ project and is the starting point for the development and transfer to other learning spaces, the so-called (partly mobile) ‘counterparts’ both inside and outside the university and the iterative further development of the concept of hybrid learning spaces. The basis for the development of the learning studio and its counterparts is the combination of learning and media technology and both user-orientated and aesthetic-atmospheric room design. Different combinations of technology and spatial elements are used in various utilisation scenarios.

A playful and artistically designed display is being developed to document previous applications. At the same time,possibilities for future usage scenarios have been demonstrated and communicated, citing historical organisation and presentation systems alongside the epistemological practice of wonder in order to fit them to the latest technologies.

This is achieved by removing the individual elements from their (spatial) context and categorising them on the basis of experiences made and their potential. These individual elements are then assembled into (3D) collages and presented as pictorial narratives, each of which unfolds its own poetics of hybrid space. The aim is to create a vocabulary from the combinatorial diversity of these arrangements, with which possible answers to overarching research questions in the Bauhaus learning space can be found and at the same time communicated in a touching and insightful way.

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