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Bibliothek der Künstler*innen Weimar

A growing archive that works alongside a public outreach programme. This includes donated and secondary material such as artworks, documents and images that form a usable resource contributing to the mediation of the city’s resident FLINTA* artists past and present. The library exists in many forms and spaces, both digital and physical. The aim is to act as a meeting place to collaborate, research and share the collection with others. Since its creation in 2021, the library has collaborated with many local initiatives including Kunstfest Weimar, Klassik Stiftung Weimar, 11m3 Project Space and Bauhaus University.

with Maria Paula Maldonado and Studio Urlaub. Funded by Kulturstiftung Thüringen (2021) and Stiftung Kunstfonds (2022-2023)

Photos: Nathalia Azuero, Bernardita Bennett and Katherin Gutierrez

Photos: Carlos Santos

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